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Seahawk Soccer Camps - Boys Soccer
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Seahawk Boys Soccer Camps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive a confirmation?
A: If you sign up online, you will receive immediate confirmation. A Medical Waiver is completed as part of the online application.  

Applications sent in via mail will receive an email confirmation, so make sure you remember to put your email address on the application!

The required Medical Evaluation for mailed applications can be downloaded by clicking here and needs to be returned to Seahawk Boy's Soccer Camps before camp begins.

Q: Is it safe to register online? 
A: All applications are handled by My Online Camp, and transactions are safe and secure. It is the easiest and best way to register.
Q: Do you provide player evaluations for campers?
A: Each player in attendance at the Residential Camp and GK Academy will receive an individual evaluation from their coach before the end of camp.
Q: What about supervision during camp?
A: The campers are constantly supervised by coaching staff, counselors, athletic trainers and dormitory supervisors. Campers are under strict instructions to abide by the camp rules that are posted on every floor. No one is allowed to leave campus.
Certified training staff is in attendance at all training sessions, and reside in the dorms during camp as well. In the event of serious injury, Cape Fear Hospital is located less than 2 miles from campus.
Q: What should my child bring to camp?
A: Day campers require soccer boots, running shoes, shin guards, soccer ball, rain jacket, sunscreen, towel, and swimsuit (Half Day campers do not go swimming). Residential campers will bring all the above plus soccer gear/socks for 9 sessions, bed linens, blanket, pillow, alarm clock, medication, toiletries, and optional money for camp store and late meal food.
Q: Do I need a Ball?
A: Yes, all campers need to bring a ball to camp. A Seahawk camp ball can be purchased for $30, which needs to be prepaid for before camp commences and can be picked up at check-in.
Q: Do you provide specialized goalkeeping training at Residential Camp?
A: Specialized goalkeeping instruction is provided at our GK Academy portion of the Residential Camp. Training consists of an early practice each day before the first session.The goalkeepers are coached during the evening games, and constantly evaluated. You must be registered specifically for the GK Academy for this opportunity. There will be no option for a camper to work as a field player, and a goalkeeper at Residential Camp, as we only offer limited spots in our GK Academy according to the number of teams we create for camp matches/training.

Q: Are teams welcome?
A: Club teams and high school teams are encouraged to attend camp. At our Residential Camp, they are trained and housed together. We find that high school teams gain great benefit from attending our Residential ID Camp and can use it as a preseason mini-camp. For the team discount, 12 or more players must sign-up and applications be sent in together if applying by mail. If you wish to sign up on-line, contact Coach Heaney for a code to receive the team discount. The coach may attend free with the team, and work alongside one of our college coaches who will coach the team for the duration of camp.

Q: What do campers do in their free time?
A: There is really very little free time as it is quite a full schedule for the campers. They mostly relax in common rooms and socialize with other campers.
Q: How much money should my child bring?
A: Your child will only need money to buy pizza at night or for drinks, snacks, and UNCW merchandise at the camp store. We do have a camp bank, which you can deposit money into at check-in, with any balance returned at check-out. The camp store has UNCW soccer items for sale, if your son wishes to purchase a memento.

Q: Do the dormitories have phones in their rooms?
A: No. A cell phone is recommended. If a cell phone is not possible, and a camper has a serious reason to contact family, all staff will keep their cell phones on them.

Q: Are parents and coaches allowed to watch training sessions?
A: Yes, you may attend any of the training sessions/games to watch, but it must be from well off the boundaries of the field, and there is to be NO COACHING from the sidelines! Please leave this to our professional coaching staff. Parents however are not permitted onto dormitory halls with their child during camp purely from a safety and supervisory standpoint.

Q: Are campers allowed to drive their own cars to camp?
A: Yes, but we require that you notify our staff at check in and your keys be handed over for the duration of camp.

Q: What if I arrive a day early or need to depart late?
A: We are not able to house campers who arrive early or need to depart late, due to dorm issues. Please contact Coach Heaney at if you need hotel contact information to arrange lodging before or after camp.

Q: What is the refund/cancellation policy?
A: 7 days or more prior to camp, refund the amount minus $100 non-refundable deposit. Within 7 days of camp, No Refunds given.

Q: What is an alternative to online registration?

A: You may print out the main in registration form found on the left toolbar, and mail it to this address along with check payment. Seahawk Boys Soccer Camps, PO Box 20030, UNCW, Wilmington, NC, 28407. Check made out to: Seahawk Soccer Camps.